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Have a Seat: Wegner Wishbone Chair

Source: Portland Monthly


Oh, look–it’s the color of my future Vespa. For some reason, this cool, light green only works for me in scooters (on which I’d ideally zip around Paris) and mint chocolate chip ice cream. And maybe a glossy Wegner chair. I’ve always loved the Wishbone, and now it’s seemingly cropping up on all sorts of design blogs, tantalizing me further. Design Within Reach offers it in a rainbow of lacquers, much to my delight. It seems I can’t escape the appeal of the Scandinavian look.

Though I’ve prided myself on many of my furniture purchases as of late, I have less cozy feelings for my “dining room chairs”–folding chairs from IKEA that I’ve had for ages. Long ready for an upgrade, these–or some close imitation–top my Wish list.


04 2011