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Pages + Screen: Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

If you haven’t seen this swinging 60s film, particularly if you’re married, get thee to your Netflix queue stat. It’s a hilarious satire about marriage during the sexual revolution, and on top of great actors (ahem, my favorite, Natalie Wood) it has fabulous style. What, you don’t watch films for style? Admiring costumes or richly adorned settings is how I’ve gotten through many insufferable ones.

This one’s all┬áMod: long shiny hair, frosted lips and heavy eye makeup, Pucci-esque prints and California-cool decor. Good pictures are hard to find, so I recommend you just watch the film. Even if you’re not on board with the theme (partner swapping, of course), you can ogle the chic late-sixties style.


05 2011

Found: Striped Wool


At some point after college, I started casually collecting old magazines. It started with a trip to Magazine Memories in Morton Grove, IL–a warehouse and scouter’s delight–where I found a pristine vintage issue of The New Yorker from the week of July 4, 1954, when my mother was born. It made the perfect, albeit unconventional, 50th birthday present.

When my then-boyfriend/now husband moved just west of Wrigleyville in 2003 (what we then called St. Ben’s, a neighborhood moniker I’ve yet to hear again since then), he was fortunate to live down the street from Yesterday. The old, out-of-place shack overflows with ephemera and seems to sag with the weight of its own stock. But unlike Magazine Memories, it still remains. What a joy to thumb through the inky, torn pages of old newspapers and magazines. And oh, that smell of attic and old books.

It’s where we found our original vintage Lolita poster, among numerous other treasures. Over the years, I amassed a healthy stack of Vogues and Bazaars from the 50s and 60s. I’m usually struck first by the covers, many by Avedon and Penn and other legends. It’s amazing how progressive many of them seem now, in our era of screaming cover lines and bland celebrities with blank looks. (If only magazines today could rely on great cover designs rather than a celebrity’s mass appeal to sell issues.)

But the issue contents are usually equally compelling: articles about women of a “certain age” (i.e. 30. Yes, 30) and the girdles and special skin creams they need in their post-baby years (huge collective sigh on behalf of all modern women). And there are lovely editorial spreads with actual white space, prime, pristine magazine real estate not squandered with advertisements. The image above was from a decadent spread on all things wool. I started photographing some of these magazine images so I could share my favorites. With its beautiful coloring and composition, and its ability to suggest a story, this is one such favorite.


12 2010

Technology Is Not My Friend


02 2010